About Us

The first Bert's Pet Center started in 1958 by Bert Eusler was located in New Boston, Ohio. It was purchased by Jim and Carlene Wente in 1971. The Wentes have held onto the unique name, which the store still carries today.

Our store is located at 376 Diedrich Blvd. in Ashland, Kentucky. We have over 5,800 gallons of freshwater and saltwater fish and live coral on display, giving us the largest selection in the Tri-State area! Along with aquariums of every size, shape and color available, and custom-built up to 10,000 gallons, we can make your dream tank a reality. Offering complete consultation, design, installation and maintenance of aquariums for your business or home, from start to finish, we can do it all.

Fish are definitely not our only area of expertise, though. We also carry a full line of small breed handpicked puppies, small animals, reptiles and all the supplies to keep your pets happy and healthy for a lifetime. Basically, we carry everything ‘pet’. Another great feature of our stores are small breed puppies. We only carry handpicked puppies and kittens from local breeders, not from puppy mills like many of the chain pet stores. “Handpicked” means we only buy direct from breeders, and see the puppies and parents before we buy them. We don't just call and say, ‘Send me a Yorkie!’ This means that our customers only get the finest, healthiest and sweetest puppies available!

Want a unique look for your four-legged family member? Visit our "Doggie Boutique" at the store with everything imaginable to outfit your doggy in style. We have everything from denim to dresses, strollers to sleeping bags. If it's hot, we've got it!

We have been in business for 50 years, making us the oldest established pet store in the Tri-State; we feel this says a lot about the area. Our customers are the best! We have been family-owned and operated from the beginning, and we feel this is our biggest asset. We aren't governed by the rules of a franchise or chain. We go the extra mile to make sure our customers are happy and satisfied, and when they leave our store they have the knowledge to be able to care for their pets properly. We still believe customers come first. If they aren't happy, we can't survive! We also understand that we are not the only pet store around so we thank you, our customers, with top notch service, quality and price to show our appreciation for choosing Bert's Pet Center for ALL your pet needs!