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  • EHEIM Aquastyle Aquarium

    Award winning lifestyle aquarium!

    EHEIM Aquastyle creates a little piece of nature in any room.  Whether in the kitchen, bathroom, hallway, on the desktop or as an eye -catcher in the living room.
        * Enjoy a designer look with that is both simple and sophisticated
        * A serene and fascinating approach to living art
        * An attractive and unique feature for any environment
        * The Aquastyle's size and design makes it easy to enjoy with minimal maintenance.

  • REPTIHABITAT™ Leopard Gecko Kit

    The REPTIHABITAT™ Leopard Gecko Kit includes everything you need for your Leopard or African Fat-Tail Gecko. This 10 gallon terrarium kit takes the guess work out of setting up the proper habitat for desert geckos.

        * Includes: 10 Gallon "MADE IN USA" Terrarium with Built-In Sliding Screen Top.
        * Combo Mini Deep Dome
        * Clamp Lamp
        * Day/Night Reptile Heat Bulbs
        * 10 lb. ReptiSand® Desert White
        * Analog Reptile Thermometer
        * Combo Food and Water Dishes
        * ReptiSafe® Water Conditioner
        * Beginner's Guide to Leopard Geckos
        * Repti Calcium™ (Sample)
        * ReptiVite™ (Sample)

  • Instant Ocean® Sea Salt

    Instant Ocean® Sea Salt is the most carefully formulated and universally preferred sea salt in the world. The #1 choice of hobbyists, public aquariums, and scientific research facilities, Instant Ocean Sea Salt has set the industry standard for quality, consistency, and value for more than 40 years.

  • CaribSea's Eco Complete

    With CaribSea's Eco Complete substrate, you can add vibrancy to your freshwater or saltwater aquarium as well as bring out the color of your plants, fish and other aquatic life. Containing essential nutrients, including iron, calcium, magnesium and sulfur in addition to over 25 other mineral supplements, CaribSea Eco Complete Planted Black Aquarium Substrate is the healthy choice for your aquarium plants and other aquatic life.

  • CaribSea’s Arag-Alive!™

    Model: Fiji Pink

    Only CaribSea’s Arag-Alive!™ Live Sands contains not just the broad spectrum of marine bacteria found in the ocean, but additional specially selected strains of marine bacteria as well. Arag-Alive!™ compresses new tank cycle time and suppresses the initial ammonia spike. Arag-Alive!™ creates a natural biological balance, and makes cycling a new aquarium faster and safer. Live rocks and most invertebrates can be added immediately. Gradually introduce fish within the first 3 weeks, and do not exceed one inch of fish per 5 gallons during this time.

  • Super Pet Rabbit Starter Kit

    The ultimate starter kit for rabbits. Quality construction features chew proof coated wire and stain resistant plastic parts. Everything is included: home, bedding, food, treats, toys, water bottle and food dish. Easy assembly with snap together setup, no tools needed. Free care sheet in every kit.

  • Royal Canin Dog Food

    Frequent exercise and a diet maintaining strong natural defenses will keep your dog fit and healthy. Dogs need protection both inside and out. Antioxidant vitamins E and C, chelated minerals, and essential fatty acids from anchovy and soya oil help strengthen and protect the skin, intestinal tract and immune system of your dog.

  • Wellness Dog Food

    A limited-ingredient recipe of nutrient-rich whole foods to fulfill the unique health needs of your dog. Recipes are made with carefully chosen, authentic ingredients, for the complete health of your dog. Provides whole-body nutritional support and promotes healthy skin and digestive function.

  • Tigger Pods

    Tigger-Pods are perfect for culturing and restocking reeftanks & refugiums, as well as an excellent feed for fish, including mandarins and pipefish. They breed rapidly producing hundreds of eggs per female.

  • Clownfish

    Clownfish are excellent pets for both fish tanks and reef tanks and will coexist with most all aquarium animals and environments with or without their host anemone. They can be very long-lived; documented evidence shows they can live more than 30 years. A wide range of temperaments are found, from the more docile percula and ocellaris to the more aggressive and territorial tomatoes and Clarkii, for example.

  • Reef Capable LED

    Energy efficient Marineland LED Reef Capable Lights provide the correct intensity and spectral output to maintain reef aquariums.  These LED’s produce a high quality, natural-looking light that shimmers and creates shadows throughout the water, adding depth and dimension to the aquarium.

  • LED Bubble Wall

    Built in air stone creates a curtain of air bubbles for improved oxygenation. Low voltage UL listed adapter has low energy consumption. The LED light also makes a great night light.

  • Carefresh Colors

    CareFRESH Colors is made from extra-long, extra-soft bleached fibers. It’s ultra soft and comfy for your pet while providing a natural living environment. The colors used in making CareFRESH are non-toxic.  They will not run or bleed and are safe for your pets.

  • Marine Cusine

    Marine Cuisine™ is a specially formulated diet for omnivorous and carnivorous marine fish. It is a blend of San Francisco Bay Brand brine shrimp, natural seafood ingredients, color enhancers and vitamins. This combination of ingredients was developed to provide the same nutritional balance that is found on the coral reef.

  • Waterfall Globe

    Manufacturer: Tetra

    Crystal clear glass aquarium with unique waterfall feature. Tetra pump driven filter with cartridge. Bright white led lights. Stylish black base with light arm. Single power cord operates both the light and the filter.

  • Tetramin Pro Crisp

    Manufacturer: Tetra

    Tetramin Pro Tropical Crisps are a revolutionary form of food providing advanced nutrition for healthy fish and clear water. Unlike fish food that is manufactured at high temperatures, Tetramin Pro Tropical Crisps are made with a unique low heat process.

  • Quiet Flow 55/75 Aquarium Filter

    Manufacturer: Aqueon

    Aqueon QuietFlow™ Power Filters feature four stages of filtration–mechanical, chemical, biological and wet/dry–for the cleanest, clearest, healthiest water. Higher flow rates ensure higher dissolved oxygen content for healthier, more active fish. The internal pump design helps dampen noise, eliminates leaks and starts up automatically after cleaning or power interruptions.

  • Aquatic Bio Control Smart Start

    StartSmart instantly cycles a saltwater / freshwater aquarium with 100% beneficial live bacteria. Instantly nitrifies aquarium water, converting ammonia to nitrite, then to nitrate.

  • Urine Off Odor and Stain Remover

    Urine Off, the #1 Veterinarian recommended for urine odor and stain removal, breaks down dried uric acid crystals – the primary source of odors caused by small animal urine. Not a perfume or cover-up, it actually eliminates urine. Urine Off is ideal for cleaning cages and areas where small animals are kept. Can be used on all surfaces including upholstery, carpet, hardwood, tile, grout, vinyl flooring, and cage surfaces.

  • 8-in-1 Natural Oatmeal Shampoo

    Moisturizes and calms dry, itchy and irritated skin. Microencapsulated liposomes replenish and condition skin. Leaves coat soft and silky. Long lasting French vanilla fragrance.

  • Adult Grain-free Dog Food

    Manufacturer: Taste of the Wild Pet Foods

    Grain-free dog food for all life stages, with lean bison and venison meat, roasted for great flavor. Packed with highly digestible protein and antioxidents. Supports healthy immune system. Made with real roasted meats, supplemented with fruits and vegetables. Delivers natural antioxidants.

  • Perfecto 30-Gallon Tank/Stand Combo

    Manufacturer: Marineland

    Unique bent glass aquarium, 30 gallon half circle.

  • Adult Formula Dog Food

    Manufacturer: Blue Buffalo

    All of our healthy and holistic dog foods are made with the finest natural ingredients.

  • Natural Choice Grain Free Dog Food

    Manufacturer: Nutro Pet Food

    We understand that some dogs have a sensitivity to grain—that’s why we are proud to introduce the only Grain Free Limited Ingredient Diet guaranteed to improve skin & coat, for dogs with food sensitivities. We use New Zealand Venison as the single novel animal protein source and potatoes as the single carbohydrate source to reduce the likelihood of food sensitivity. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.