Bert's Pet Center LLC: Blog Channelhttp://bertspetcenter.comCompany blogs, tips and how-tos's Pet Center LLChttp://bertspetcenter.comen-USCopyright 2018, Bert's Pet Center LLCSun, 18 Feb 2018 22:34:45 -0500Sun, 18 Feb 2018 22:34:45 -0500http://www.newmediaretailer.comFour Items For Cleaning Your Dog’s Teethblog_548951517485260 like humans, dogs also need their teeth cleaned in one way or another. If not, the bacteria from their teeth can be ingested and damage their organs over time.BlogsThu, 01 Feb 2018 06:41:00 -0500Nut Dangers to Dogsblog_541951514793180 are always popular treats, not just as an easy snack, but also in all sorts of baked goodies and other recipes. It is important that dog owners not share many of those snacks and treats with their pets, however, because of the different nut dangers to dogs.BlogsMon, 01 Jan 2018 02:53:00 -0500Holiday Gift Guide for Petsblog_536741512119640 pets are members of the family and it is only natural to want to include them on our lists for holiday shopping and gifts. But what gifts are best for your pets?BlogsFri, 01 Dec 2017 04:14:00 -0500Tracking Your Dog's Health Through Poopblog_528731509535140 dog owners know a lot about their pet's poop - how often the dog poops, where it prefers to do its business and how to scoop the poop quickly and effectively.BlogsWed, 01 Nov 2017 07:19:00 -0400How to Introduce New Catsblog_522661508068020 you have one, two or many, cats can be wonderful members of your family. Because cats can be territorial, however, it is necessary to be cautious when bringing home a new cat and introducing it to your other feline family members.BlogsSun, 15 Oct 2017 07:47:00 -0400Bird Migration Scheduleblog_520221506855600 you enjoy feathered visitors to your yard or feeding station or you regularly travel to wildlife refuges and nature preserves to see a wider variety of species, migration is always an exciting time to see birds.BlogsSun, 01 Oct 2017 07:00:00 -04006 Ways to Keep Ticks Out of Your Yard Naturallyblog_516071505483700 are more than just annoying, biting insects. They can also transmit a number of scary diseases, including lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, human anaplasmosis, tularemia, rickettsiosis and more.BlogsFri, 15 Sep 2017 09:55:00 -0400Selecting The Right Pet Bird For Kidsblog_515061504295220 you thinking about getting a pet bird for the kids? Birds are fascinating creatures and serve as great pets. In general, there are a handful of breeds that are perfect for children due to their intelligence, sweet personalities, and general temperament.BlogsFri, 01 Sep 2017 15:47:00 -0400Best Ways to Get Rid of and Prevent Fleas and Ticksblog_507011502794920 and ticks are no one's favorite guests, but dealing with these pests is an inevitable part of pet ownership. Fortunately, there are easy ways to get rid of fleas and ticks and prevent them from coming back.BlogsTue, 15 Aug 2017 07:02:00 -0400Bringing Home Your New Bird Checklistblog_507001501585260 pet bird can be a wonderful addition to your family, but are you properly equipped to meet your new feathered friend's needs? This checklist can help you be prepared to give your bird a long, healthy, enriching life from the first moment you bring it home.BlogsTue, 01 Aug 2017 07:01:00 -0400